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Kinetiq Solutions is happy to work closely with Acclarent to assist ENT physicians. We offer a number of services designed to help your practice succeed.

How We Can Help

A suite of services selected to help ENT's succeed.

Web Development

Our experienced team of web developers will create your new website and keep it running at top speed.

Digital Marketing

From search engine optimization to ads on Facebook and Instagram we can help you make sure your practice is maintaining visibility in all the right places.

Social Media Management

Our social media specialist can handle your accounts for you. We keep your patients engaged while you focus on their care.

Graphic Design

We are a passionate for design, providing you a pixel perfect and modern graphic design

But Don't Just Trust Us

We stand by our work and encourage you to reach out to any of our past clients for testimonials. Click below to learn how we helped one of the Midwest's leading ENT clinics, The Ohio Sinus Institute.

Ohio Sinus Institute

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